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Headtron Agency (LA) continues to “wow” us with a full lineup of diverse electronic producers. 

LA based  GoldRush  of Headtron Agency calls his music Epic Romantic Bass

 a psychedelic soulful adventure with the most dazzling basslines

 something original you can enjoy for life

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‘Falls Gate’ – 2011 Original Minimix

GoldRush is far ahead of most producers in many aspects. His music takes you elsewhere and almost forces you to an open mind.

He plays an original part in making us go in the right direction. Through music, some tend to lead us in a “wrong direction” with electronic tracks and no purpose; not a chance to dig deep. That’s why we love GoldRush and the Headtron family. There is so much vibes in their sound; “the pioneers of future bass”.

            Click on the link to be directly sent to GoldRush’s soundcloud page


What is NYC missing??

I’ve found special sounds from all around the country and deep into the UK that need some more push into our east coast scene. In each “What is NYC missing”, I’ll present a gift from someplace more focused.

Los Angeles based talent agency Headtron Music has a growing lineup of top notch producers that create electronic music of different colors and shapes. All finalizing in quality mastering, the raw beats and mind expanding basslines get you every time. This set of musicians are heading somewhere wonderful. Take a look!









PROPER MOTION, a tag team effort consisting of Noah Marion of Boulder, CO and
Dirty Harry Watkins of Bozeman, MT, have released their newest EP Return to Fundamentals.
Both artists do a beautiful job working together and displaying a clear, properly produced future
bass track with the perfect balance of bass and love. All tracks from the EP below are available
for FREE download, as well as the Proper Motion bandcamp and souncloud.