Joy Bang Productions started with the discussion of the subconscious in a qualitative sense, to indicate another consciousness, a subterranean one, as it were. With the music discovered, Joy Bang promotes and brings together sounds/music & art in all aspects to form a whole. With a short term goal to create a new form of love, community, and understanding of life, new feelings and emotions will soon unfold. This is only the beginning.


“Joy Bang live” & “Joy Bang (DJ set)” now taking bookings for December 2011 & on.. Joy Bang’s sets consist as a whole, not song by song, and are filled with powerful emotions, feelings, & displays of past & future personal experiences.. I have been working on this music for awhile using Ableton Suite, a Roland Gaia, an Akai MPK61, and natural samples with, but not limited to, nature’s experiences and sounds, personal poetry, the sound of emptiness, the sound of a Roland EP 5 digital piano & organic rips from my favorite vinyl releases.. I have been writing poetry for as long as I can remember and now I’m using my poetry through music and expressing it live. Think of the song/full set as a puzzle; through the live experience, I take the puzzle apart and put it back together live, breaking it down slowly to show you a different way of life. . With my DJ sets, I combine original music and poetry with today’s top notch progressive, purple, & future bass material that I feel blends beautifully with my own unique style, including the sounds of Gladkill, NastyNasty, Slugabed, ChrisB, Sugarpill, LoBounce, jOBOT, +verb, GoldRush, Minnesota, & more. I plan on a full release by February/March 2012.. Thanks for all of your support, not only by believing in Joy Bang Productions and giving me a chance, but supporting me through the hardest of times as I undergo a long, strengthening process to better myself.. Infinite love.

Shane Sheppard
Joy Bang [Productions]
est. 2011