Celebrating the new release via Ninja Tune, entitled “Sun Too Bright Turn It Off”

I want my electronic tracks to cover real, organic emotions. When I find myself content with my choice of music to play, the song is usually giving me goosebumps or putting the biggest smile on my face. I want my electronic track to cover new explorations. Not only do I want it to “sound good”, but I want to feel good as well. All these descriptions are good way to start off explaining the music production of Greg Feldwick, best known as Slugabed. Feldwick originates out of Bath, UK and later found himself traveling to and staying in Brighton for good. This “beat machine” has played in clubs around Brighton, such as a residency at a late night club called “Donkey Pitch”. His live shows are actually “live” shows, and they display his top-notch, original electronic compositions through skill and physical activity, making it way more visual. His images fit the music well; there’s something uplifting about the “Slugabed smile” we get from Feldwick. He knows exactly who he is and what he wants to do, and does it.

The newest release from Slugabed is a Ninja Tune offical EP, entitled “The Sun Too Bright Turn It Off”. This EP is a must-buy; “deep, complex, thoughtful and above all distinctive”. His melodies carry a beautiful energy like a newly discovered crystal and can be described by Ninja Tune as “meditative”. He adds on sounds from another galaxy and takes us on a journey, perhaps to turn off the sun.

Click on the album cover to purchase the newest release on 12″ vinyl+mp3, wav only, or mp3 only via NinjaShop